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About Lightpro System

The Lightpro Professional System

This Lightpro system is a new concept in outdoor 12v lighting. Manufactured by Techmar in Holland, it is the result of over 15 years trading in the 12volt outdoor lighting market. It was originally a trade only system which we have now opened to the general public, a fantastic system that not only makes the design of the system easier, but also speeds up the installation time due to it utilising a high quality plain cable and heavy duty clamp on connectors. The cables can be laid first and lights fitted at any stage later on.

Lightpro outdoor / garden lights are perfect for installing in gardens as well as commercial settings. The 12v Lightpro system is plug and play. Simply connect your Light-Pro cable to your Light-Pro transformer and connect your Lightpro post lights to the cable using Lightpro's award winning clamp on connector. 


Light-Pro System